Chapter 7

Though I’ve been working fairly steadily on the project, it doesn’t look like it.  I have been reinforcing the body and determining the best way to treat the upper back part of the cockpit.  I’ll show some pics of that soon. I’m in the midst of cutting out the toeboards/kick panels and reinforcing those in such a way as to not interfere with the frame members or running gear itself. This is a little tedious.

I visited with Dave Leivestad at Carburetion & Turbo Systems in Shakopee about the LP application . We talked for an hour and I ordered my parts.  I took home two hoops to mount an aluminum 35# LP tank under the passenger side floor.  This will give me more than 100 mile range and keep the CG height really low.  As it is, the CG height is still not much more than about 23″.  I will have a remote fill and it will be plumbed for a fuel level indicator (I was worried about having these things, which Dave assured me could be done).

Helping Ihor put away his 60′ Caddy a few days ago, I met his longtime friend Gary. I told Gary I was looking for a derelict old car front end to use in my garden.  He brought me to the back of his shed where he showed me this:

It is a handmade steel body “engulfing” a 61′ Austin Healey Sprite cockpit, which has supplied the firewall, doors and rear structure. You may recall that a few weeks ago, I acquired 2.5 Sprites in a really good deal, so now I have stumbled into a situation where I now have what I need to do the interior of this thing, which, of course, I bought.  It is on an early 70’s modified Ford chassis and seems to be a shirt-tail cousin of a Clenet or similar which all used this formula.  I’m doing some research on this.  It seems that a guy in Princeton was putting these together to about this point, and sending them off to someone else in California for finishing, perhaps 20-25 years ago.  More on this story later.


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