Chapter 3

Detail of welding after sectioning 12" out of center of trunk lid (former 50' Buick hood)

Spent yesterday figuring out the remainder of the cockpit.  Determined that I could cut down the 1956 Stude C-cab truck body and use the doors, the back of the cab, and the windshield posts.  The doors were shortened, straightened, and had the inner surface drastically pared away. The beltline of the 37′ cowl carries thru the doors.  The latches will be removed, and the doors will likely swing from the back (suicide style). No external door handles.  It’s looking like the doors and sides of the body behind them, will be given the “Chris-Craft” treatment.  This will obviate extra time and energy trying to get those wrinkles out of the doors.  I will likely weld the doors temporarily in place, along with the back sections/trunk to get everything in place, then build a frame to strengthen the body/floor. This can be lifted off the frame itself.  Getting doors and trunks to work will be a big project, but I’m not in any hurry.

Door after some cutting and banging out dents

More door

rear section of cab

Notches in bottom should allow it to clear the diagonal supports which are part of the LP tank frame.


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