Chapter 24

Since last time, I have been pretty active doing car stuff, which is why there has been a gap since the last entry. We raced the 53′ Stude coupe at the ECTA event in Wilmington Ohio and I crewed for a supercharged Avanti at speedweek in August. I managed to take the Tribaker over to the place where I bought all the plumbing for the propane. They inspected my work and gave me some constructive tips. This included doing some insulation on the header pipe as it leaves the turbo to prevent the internals of the propane condenser from being hurt. We checked the orientation of the fuel sender on the tank, and discussed how to best detect leaks. We discussed how to tune the system in  once I get it started. Almost ready to start it, I decided it would be a good idea to put some lubes in the transmission, overdrive and differential. The first two jobs went fairly well, but the diff presented some problems. The plug was in a very awkward position, and I needed to grind some access holes in the superstructure that holds the diff. Then I needed to re-design the plug. Guess you have to expect  a few set-backs when you are building something from scratch….

I finished the windshields using Lexan that I got from Ax Man and mounted them with little collars to isolate vibration.

CAM00320 CAM00321

Tried to bleed the brakes and it was “raining” under the car at joints where I botched the brake line flares. Re-invented the whole thing and made my own aluminum block “plenum” to distribute the pressure, allow a brake switch, proportioning valve  and a 2 psi residual valve.


Decided I would need some kind of rear view mirror.  I came up with something maybe Buck Rodgers might have on his space ship….


Here is a view of the license plate light and holder I fabricated.


Still haven’t decided on the rear end treatment, but maybe I’ll set up two “cassettes” which can be interchanged….


Mounted an air horn behind the grill and an overflow can I made out of a Binks type spray gun. It turned out really cool….



It has been a very busy, fun but distracting summer. I think that I am now about ready to try starting it, but I will need things to quiet down around here as we settle into a fall routine…. Stay tuned.

  1. Dave Allen says:

    very nice Greg. I always look forward to your updates.

  2. diggerdave says:

    Hi Greg,
    Before starting the engine you may want to pre lube the motor or at least disconnect the oil supply line to the turbo and oil the turbo bu hand or squirt bottle/can. You got to be kind to those turbo bearings. Anyway the Tribaker looks great!!!

  3. Iain Hall says:

    I like your build but suggest that you look towards the rear end treatment on Morgan three wheelers which would give a more streamlined tear-drop shape to the whole car .

  4. tribaker says:

    Thanks Iain, I have been considering a more elongated boat-tail rear treatment since the inception. Maybe look at chapter 1 for some ideas I have tossed around. First, I need to get it running!

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Yeah I saw that when I read your whole blog!
    Stick to your original vision and you will have a really cool ride 😉

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