Chapter 2

Well, all work on the Tribaker stops each year when it is time to begin work on the next season’s Salt2Salt Bonneville racer:

The three-wheeler goes into hibernation till late August, after the salt has been cleaned off all the tools….

In the course of putting the Tribaker away, I determined that the MonteCarlo power rack was “skipping” and wasn’t reliable.  I found a brand new Dodge manual rack which I intend to install this fall.  Also, I determined that the cockpit needed to be about 6″ longer to adequately address the ergonomics  I mentioned above.  This required that the crossbar over the differential move backwords.  The rear spring shackle mounts also needed revision to prevent an over-center bind condition.  I managed, earlier this year, to retrieve a 37′ Stude cowl from the woods of Wisconsin.  This has been channeled over the frame, and nuzzled right up to the back of the engine block.  After much deliberation, I have decided to mount a single fork-lift type LP bottle behind the seats and over the rear wheel.  This will be covered by the 50’Buick hood which, failing to find a good home on a Buick,I cut up and sectioned to the correct width and length for the rear deck of the Tribaker.  It will slope down, as did the trunk of the 37′ Stude Dictator coupe, with a single 47′ Stude tail-light.  Directional lights will be 56-57′ Hawk front fender marker lights.  I am having a little trouble deciding on how to mount the body on the chassis so that it is removable, and capable of having doors for driver, passenger and trunk.  I’m sure it will become more clear as I slap more steel tubing on it……



























































More pics under “Fall of 2010” in sept 2010 on timeline.


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