Chapter 19

I’ve spent a lot of time in the shop lately. Seems like things are sort of falling into place now.  I realized that to fit the nose piece correctly I was going to have to get measurements from the hood side-panels. One thing led to another, and I was able to build the infrastructure to support it as well as the stays that extend from the firewall to the radiator support to stabilize the works. It looks like an aluminum chopped 1932 F_rd radiator will fit, and it is coming soon. Ultimately, I decided to “just try” to see how the side panels would fit. Imagine my surprise when I found all the mounting hardware in a box, and after some judicious cutting and bending, I was actually able to make them work! I did determine that I would gain clearance on the right side hood/upper grill if I twisted the upper half of the mixer body 90 degrees. This was a simple matter of  removing four hex-head screws and twisting, as the mixer is made so that it could be set 4 different orientations. The end effect is really sleek on the driver’s side, and very cool on the passenger side.  Right now, the nose sits about 3″ off the ground while the vehicle is on those roller stands that let me push it around the garage.  When I take it off, the nose will be almost touching with the rake of the body.  I will be adding the pickup bed to the back, and this will give more clearance as it pulls the back down some , but I may still need to put a spacer over the front leaves or take out one or two rear leaves. Today I also restored two fender marker lights from a hawk which I will likely mount sideways on the upper part of the grill (lower lateral part of hood) and use them as turn signals and parking lights.

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