Chapter 18

I’m picking up speed here!  Since last time, I mounted the electric water pump and started to plumb it in.  I’ve bolted on the hood and determined that it was interfering with the LP mixer. Then, dopey me, I realized that a mixer could be other than vertical!  The inlet for the turbo provides 5 positions, one every 72 degrees, so I cocked the mixer outward one segment, and viola! The air cleaner etc. now is out in the breeze, away from engine heat….

Twisting the mixer out 72 degrees helps it miss the hood!

Now that I determined the location of that stuff, I could set to work deciding how I would add the “nose” to the car.  There was ample room for the radiator given the placement of the shorter engine in the Commander frame. Taking the stock radiator surround and test fitting it  showed it to be about 6 inches too long, given the lowering of the frame and body.  I really didn’t want to hack into the grill or radiator surround. A pal had a surround which was seriously mangled on the bottom. I spent some time fixing that, thinking I could just move it higher and graft in, but that proved more difficult than just making a new one.  The grill itself was mangled somewhat down near the bottom, so I gathered up the courage to modify that. (If necessary, it could be restored to original condition.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After a second trial fitting, it looks very natural, and won’t drag on the ground…..


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