Chapter 17

Since we came back from racing in Ohio, I have been busy.  I have refurbished the turbo/intake/exhaust setup and installed it on the block. I installed the distributor and alternator.  The brakes are all plumbed in, including a proportioner valve/brake light switch setup.

I reviewed the propane information and familiarized myself with the parts that I purchased earlier this year. I also scored a wiring harness kit at Back to the 50’s which I’ll use. I usually do that job myself rather than getting a kit, but I literally couldn’t buy the parts as cheaply as this kit, and it will save me some time. After studying the kit and LP stuff, I knew that it was time to put the body back on.  This was done a few days ago. I mounted it on some rubber pads I cut. It is secure in 4 places. Next came mounting the starter solenoid on a special bracket in the “battery compartment” under the floorboard. This is easy to get to by lifting the hatch over the battery. I can access the clutch slave stuff through there as well.  After much eye-balling, I made a bracket to mount the LP regulator and convertor, and then attached that assembly to the firewall in such a way that it will be near the coolant lines and will be a straight shot to the mixer. The remote filler neck for the LP is in the same spot as the gasoline one was.

With the body on, I could now add the steering wheel/column. That required two fairly complicated brackets. The upper one needed to clamp around the column and be adjustable in two ways.  The lower one needs to stabilize the column, just above where it meets the u-joint. I think I’ll probably install a double u-joint later, as the column binds a tiny bit.  I like this kind of work, and it gave me a chance to stretch the legs of my recently purchased  Lincoln Pro 215 mig. I am in the midst of building a bracket to hold the electric water pump up near the left front motor mount. This will situate it perfectly for a straight shot out of the lower radiator tank and over to the freeze-plug entries to the block, similar to what I did with the race car.

Now that I have come this far, I can start wiring and rigging the LP, both jobs I think are fun!


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