Chapter 16

I have been fiddling with the rear axle setup throughout the early spring but needed to stop while preparing the Salt2Salt racer for this year. My part needed to be done by the first weekend in May when I dragged it out to South Bend for more work on the motor etc. by Digger Dave Molnar, the fellow who made the elegant intake I am now using on the Tribaker.  After returning from Indiana, I was able to finalize my plans to convert the rear drive in a way that would not twist the left swingarm. I decided to box the left arm with transverse plates every 4 inches. I added a square strut over the top of the tire which provided further torsional support near the axle. The half-shaft from the Grand Cherokee should also help limit twisting. I cut one up and chucked the long side (normally medial to the CVJ) in the lathe. I turned the cut end (about 2 inches) down to one inch diameter. The splined side plugs in to the hub, while the one inch end feeds thru the axle slot in the right swingarm. I welded a slotted plate on to the right swingarm which would secure a one inch pillow-block bearing.  Then, I welded a flange on the shaft to mount the rear sprocket directly in line with the front one. Put on the monster #60 chain and it all is looking good. Added a little bar which slides along in the swingarm slot to prevent the brake from twisting.  Now for brake plumbing!  Also in the midst of cleaning up all the intake and exhaust parts….


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