About the Tribaker

I have decided to build a 3 wheeled vehicle with two wheels in front, reminiscent of the Morgan. I feel that there was adequate technology available in the mid-50’s capable of allowing a very high performance vehicle which could go exceedingly fast, with excellent handling, and a minimal carbon footprint. The engine in this vehicle has proven itself capable of propelling a 3250 pound 53′ Studebaker to 137 mph. The anticipated weight of this vehicle is under 2000 pounds. This is a vehicle built out of my mind, left over Studebaker parts, but not out of a catalog. It is a HOT ROD in the truest sense of the word.

Greg (Bodger) M


  1. tribaker says:

    This is a new format for Tribaker which should make things easier for the reader. To see pics up close, double click. To return from a pick, use the back arrow.

  2. Magnum says:

    good luck, will be following along

  3. mark says:

    Hi Greg, Looks fantastic.
    A lot of progress since I last saw it.
    Love Studebakers and RTs
    Continued success

  4. Jim Grey says:

    I have a 36 Studabaker instrument cluster to sell, if you know someone?

  5. Bill Mast (Studebaker-Bill) says:

    Greg , Keep up the good work . I have been following your Tribaker and Bonniville Car. The 6cyl Turbo with custom head is bad ass. Hang in there.

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